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  We consider pets to be a part of our family. That is why Indiana Pet Cremation Services was established, to offer individual and private cremation, as well as offer other pet burial service options.

For an older adult, a pet is often their very best friend. When the pet dies, past feelings of loss may resurface. Be sensitive to older adults during this time and encourage them to talk openly about their relationship with their pet.


Families grieve deeply when a pet dies. When a pet dies, it is important that you and your family accept the need to grow. You will probably experience a variety of emotions: confusion, disorganization, sadness, or guilt. These feelings are natural reactions to your recent loss, and you should not susuppress them. It helps to talk about and to embrace the memories of your pet. It is also important to remember that everyone experiences grief differently. Be sure to respect each person's need to grieve in his or her own way.

 The death of a pet is often a child's first experience with death. Children rely on adults to see how to openly express their feelings An adult's response during this time can determine whether a child's first exposure to death will be a positive or negative part of personal development.
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